Christoph Schön

Doctor of Science, Graduate Chemist, Graduate Economist 

European Patent Attorney

European Trademark and Design Attorney

Dr. Christoph Schön

Christoph Schön laid the foundation for his extensive knowledge of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, pharmacy, bioengineering, and physical chemistry during his years at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. While working on his doctoral thesis, he completed studies in business administration and management at the Technical University of Munich, thus acquiring wide-ranging  knowledge of business and economics. His practical experience stems from extensive research on organoboron compounds and in related areas including the synthesis of new polyboranes and x-ray analysis of these compounds.

As European patent attorney with many years of practical experience, he has pursued numerous patent applications and advised clients on patent disputes in many areas including basic inorganic and organic chemistry research, pharmacy, steelmaking, bioengineering, and polymer chemistry.   In seminars and lectures, he has shared his broad knowledge of German and European intellectual property rights and the rights of other jurisdictions with attendees from around the world.